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We offer Mind-Body-Spirit care for individuals within our community by combining behavioral health services and primary care in one convenient location, creating a flexible and holistic experience.

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During your appointment you will be given the opportunity to discuss any questions you have and options for your counseling treatment. You will be involved in making decisions about how often you will be seen and what you want to work on.

HOPE Treatment & Counseling Center is the coming together of Endeavor Health Services and Inspired Health Group to fulfill the mutual vision of offering Mind-Body-Spirit care for individuals within our community. This partnering is unique in Western New York as it brings together behavioral health and primary care professionals in a clinic setting.

Endeavor Health Services' 50th Anniversary Gala and Auction September 23, 2022!

June 29, 2022

Endeavor Health Services' 50th Anniversary Gala and Auction September 23, 2022!

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of serving our community! Your generous support goes towards meeting the unmet needs of our lower-income communities that desperately need our services in mental health and substance use treatment.

All proceeds will help us build a new facility to replace the one in East Buffalo that is in significant need of repair and representative of the decades long lack of resources and investment in predominantly Black communities.

The mission of Endeavor Health Services is to collaborate with clients, families, and communities to encourage wellness and recovery through an array of mental health, substance use, education, and support services. With your contributions, we can continue making an impact on individuals living with behavioral health struggles.

Please help us bring light, hope, and recovery to our community. We are raising $50,000 to build a new outpatient treatment center in East Buffalo.


August 11, 2021



Endeavor’s Clubhouse program strives to improve participants’ quality of life by teaching skills in order to manage everyday stressors such as mental illness, physical illness, legal involvement, relationship conflicts, employment, and any other stressors. Our inclusive program offers services to all members of our community. Members of the Clubhouse may join in any services such as group therapy, peer support, psychoeducation, skill-building, care coordination, crisis de-escalation and more.



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